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Seller: Turley Sundown Cattle Ranch
Lot# 625 Asking Price $170.00 Sold Price $189.00
Head Count 83
NaturalPreminum Vaccination
Kind Mixed Calves
Base Weight: 600 lbs
Hfr Head Count: 40
Hfr Base Weight: 580 lbs
Sellback: 12¢
Breed Type: Out of appx 95% English Blk/BWF and 5% Solid Red Angus cows. Sired by 100% Gardiner Angus Ranch bulls. Calves 100% Black hided.
Slide: 10¢

Origin Home Raised- Two Owners
1st Calf Born Date
Frame Medium Large
Variance: Very Uneven
Flesh: Medium
Horns Polled

Feeding Program: Native grass/pasture
Location: Snowflake, AZ; 28 mi. S of Holbrook AZ
Delivery Window: 9/27/2022 - 10/15/2022
Weighing Conditions : Early AM gather (cattle drive), sort off cows, trailer 12 mi. (22 min), sort to sex and weigh on the ground w/a 2%.
General Comments: Owner Certified Natural. Seller will NHTC certify and EID tag at Buyer Expense. Good framey cattle with good hair and hide to handle any climate. Cattle have a great history of health and performance. Very quiet disposition. These well managed cattle are easy to work. 40# Weight Stop.
Vaccinations: Super Poly-Bac B IBRK & BVDK with Haemophilis Somnus, Mannheimia Haemolytica & Pasteurella, 8-Way Blackleg at branding. Re-Vacc'd 45 days prior to shipping w/ Merck Bovilis Nasalgen 3-PMH (IBR, BRSV, PI3, Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica)
Bangs: No. Can be at buyers expense.
Implanted: None

Representative: Ray Turley, Phone: 928-243-1054 Email: