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Round Up Cattle Company


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Seller: Ken Behling Ranch
Lot# 204 Asking Price $160.00 Sold Price $170.00
Head Count 80
NaturalASVPreminum VaccinationNHTC
Kind Steer Calves
Base Weight: 600 lbs
Breed Type: Out of Angus and Angus cross cows sired by 100% top end Angus bulls selected for carcass and performance traits from O'Neal Ranch for the past 5 years. 100% Black, may be a couple Black Baldies/Brockles
Slide: 12¢

Origin Home Raised
1st Calf Born Date August 22, 2021
Frame Medium Large
Variance: Fairly Even
Flesh: Medium
Horns Polled

Feeding Program: On cows and native pasture(short feed conditions) with a year-around Anipro mineral supplement program.
Location: Clovis, CA, which is 20 miles E. of Fresno
Delivery Window: 4/03/2022 - 4/18/2022
Weighing Conditions : Early AM gather, sort off cows, sort for sex & size, trailer 1/2 calves to corral, weigh on ground w/a 2%
General Comments: Premium VACC. NHTC, 3rd Party Verifed Natural, China Export and Age/Source Verified via TechniTrack. EID tagged. Very fancy, repuation set of 100% black hided, Angus sired calves. Very well-managed BQA Certified operation that utilizes the best available Angus genetics and year-around cow herd health & Anipro mineral supplement program. Lead end sort from 125 steers and very good weighing conidtions. A premier set of CA calves.
Vaccinations: Branding: Inforce 3, One Shot BVD, Ultra Choice 8, Multimin & Noromectin wormer. Boostered March 15 with Bovishield Gold One Shot, Ultra Choice 8, Multimin & Noromectin wormer.
Bangs: N/A
Implanted: None

Representative: Blaine Ketscher, Phone: 559-905-1945 Email:
Representative: Randy Baxley, Phone: 559-906-9760 Email: