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Seller: 66 Ranch
Lot# 390 Asking Price $167.00 Sold Price $158.00
Head Count 92
Kind Steer Calves
Base Weight: 525 lbs
Breed Type: Red Angus, Red Angus X cows, sired by Red Angus bulls. A couple black calves and or RWF.
Slide: 10¢

Origin Home Raised
1st Calf Born Date March 17th, 2020
Frame Med / Med Lg
Variance: Uneven
Flesh: Medium
Horns Polled

Feeding Program: On cows and pasture
Location: 41 mi N of Havre, MT; 110 NE of Great Falls MT
Delivery Window: 10/10/2020 - 10/26/2020
Weighing Conditions : Early AM gather, trail 3 miles, sort and weigh straight
General Comments: Branded. Pinched. Owner Certified Natural. Selling a 48,000-50,000 load, if under 48,000 will make freight adjustment. Slide up only. A few frosted tripped ears and a few with small horns. Will adjust any bulls that show up at the Feedlot.
Vaccinations: 7-Way with Spur and Pyramid 5 with Presponse at branding. 7-Way with Somnus and Pyramid 5 with Presponse at Pre-Conditioning. Will pre condition with Pyramid 5 with presponce and 7-way or will replace Pyramid 5 with Inforce 3 at buyers request.
Bangs: No
Implanted: No

Representative: Bim Strauser, Phone: 406-945-1839 Email:
Representative: Mike Bottin, Phone: 507-642-8442 Email: