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Seller: Deforest Family Trust & Thad and Amanda Deforest
Lot# 616 Asking Price $140.00 Sold Price $138.00
Head Count 70
Preminum Vaccination
Kind Steer Calves
Base Weight: 700 lbs
Breed Type: 100% Black/BWF, sired by Angus, Hereford, Sim Angus and Balancer bulls

Origin Home Raised
1st Calf Born Date
Frame Med Lg
Variance: Fairly Even
Flesh: Medium
Horns Dehorned

Feeding Program: On cows and native grass.
Location: Ash Valley, CA; 15 mi E Adin CA
Delivery Window: 11/01/2019 - 11/05/2019
Weighing Conditions : Early AM gather, sort off cows, weigh on ground with a 2%
General Comments: Knife Cut. Good set of hardy calves. Ran on BLM in summer. Top end of Strs. Plenty of cattle to sort from. Have been a great set for past buyers.
Vaccinations: Ultra bac 8, Bovishield Gold One Shot, Multimin, and Inforce 3 at branding. Boostered with Bovishield Gold 5 in May. Bovishield Gold 5, Ultrabac 8, Multimin, Dectomax Injectable, Ivermax Pour On prior to shipment.
Implanted: No

Representative: Eddie Ginochio, Phone: 530-640-5272 Email: