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Seller: Corey Cattle
Lot# S488 Asking Price $140.00 Sold Price $145.00
Head Count 65
NaturalASVPreminum Vaccination
Kind Feeder Steers
Base Weight: 850 lbs
Breed Type: Out of Angus and Angus/Balancer X cows, sired by 100% Top Vintage Angus bulls. High percentage of Upward and Ten X genetics. Bulls are Top Dollar Angus Qualified. Bulls selected for growth carcuss and feed efficiency. Approx 95% Blk and 5% Red

Origin Purchased- One Ranch
1st Calf Born Date
Frame Med Lg
Variance: Fairly Even
Flesh: Medium
Horns Polled

Feeding Program: High roughage grow ration.
Location: Delta, UT; 500 mi W of Denver CO
Delivery Window: 8/20/2018 - 9/10/2018
Weighing Conditions : Early AM gather, weigh on ground with a 3%
General Comments: Oversize truck - buyer Option to take a 50K load. Owner Certified Natural. Top Dollar Angus Qualified. Age and Source Verified IMI Global. Very fancy load of Vintage Angus sired steers. Out of an outstanding set of one iron cows with years of genetics. This was the top end of a very growthy set of steers.
Vaccinations: Three full rounds of Bovishield Gold One Shot, Ultrabac 7 with Somnus and Dectomax twice.
Implanted: NO

Representative: Randy Baxley, Phone: 559-906-9760 Email: